At a meeting of the General Council of the Guild of Servants of the Sanctuary on Saturday March 18th 2006 the following statement was agreed upon by all but one Councillor present.

a) that the Guild unequivocally upholds and affirms the Warden’s Statement of July 1993 ……  

The decision of General Synod on 11th November 1992 to proceed with the ordination of women to the priesthood has caused distress in the hearts of many Guild members. It has raised problems and will continue to do so increasingly.

The Guild has since its foundation supported the Catholic Order of male deacons and male priests.

It will continue to do so and will not recognise as valid the orders of women ordained to the priesthood.

The Guild will also remain faithful in regard to the support it gives to the ordinands from the Candidates for Ordination Fund. Such support will only be given to male ordinands whether to the diaconate or the priesthood.

Fr. David Moore

(Warden of the Guild of Servants of the Sanctuary) – July 1993

(b) that all chapters should ensure that they function within the framework of The Warden’s Statement of July 1993.

(c) that any chapter using the ‘Sacramental’ and ‘Priestly’ offices of a woman should not consider this to be a meeting of the Guild.

(d) that, although some members may feel obliged to avail themselves of the offices of a woman ‘priest’, they should respect the stance of the Guild on such matters.  

Download Warden's Paper 'By What Authority' (PDF)

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